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2015 Ride with My Buddies

Posted by on June 13, 2015
This entry is part 1 of 1 in the series 2015 Ride
  • 2015 Ride with My Buddies

June 13 2015 finds me in the little town of Fernley Nevada which is located just east of Reno. I arrived here about 2 pm and obtained a 3 bed motel room and am now waiting for Mik and Steve to show up from the bay area.

My ride started on Monday and it has so far been great with many many good twisty roads and a slew of interesting people along the way.  The temperature was very hot all through Washington and Oregon with the days high between 34 and 38 degrees so I was always looking for a shady spot to stop and drink some water and enjoy the scenery.

I went south from Republic WA. and travelled on a neat (free) ferry across the Roosevelt Lake reservoir which is formed by one of the many dams on the Columbia River. The country side after the lake crossing was mainly all hay farms, and it is beyond me how they cut this hay as the slopes on some of the fields have to be at least 35 degrees. The towns around here are all spaced out about 30 miles apart and they service the farming industry only. Most don’t even have a motel, regular gas station or school of any kind, so one has to plan your gas and motel stops quite carefully.

After staying one night in Wilbur WA. I travelled through this county until I arrived and La Grange Oregon where I spent 3 days touring some very interesting roads through the high forest lands of north eastern Oregon. If this would have been BC all these roads would have been gravel logging roads but they were all paved with smooth no pot-hole pavement. Lots of corners I elevations( 6300 feet highest) and absolutely no one else on them. Travelled on one road that the local bikers call the Oregon mini dragon for it has 188 corners in about 20 miles, straight up the mountain and then straight down the other side. The area has towns every 40 to 50 miles with very old fashioned gas stations and usually operated by some old guy or gal that will pump your gas and talk your ear off. There was a couple gas stops that I couldn’t leave for over an hour, just enjoying hearing all the worlds news according to these lonely back woods nice people.

After leaving Oregon and entering California on why 395 it was and enjoyable ride to Reno but one I have done a number of times before. I have taken some videos and still pictures and will enter them later as my buddies just rode up


Oregon Tracks

NE Oregon 2015 Tracks

NE Oregon 2015 Tracks

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