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This blog is mainly used for recording my motorcycle travels and allowing my family to keep in touch with me when I am out and about.

I am afraid it will also be used to espouse my thoughts on various current affairs and how I think the world should be. So to those who are reading this, if you are not my family or friends, feel free to by-pass the opinions and enjoy the pictures of my motorcycle travels. To those who are my family and friends you will have already by passed these often quoted opinions


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  1. Steve Suess

    Allen, Steve from the Utah trip! Was sincerely a pleasure making your acquaintance!! We ended up with a u-haul out of Tonopa believe it or not…shortly after you left, I noticed a leak from rear drive….had also noticed a little grinding feeling from the rear end. talked with Mikes mechanic and he said was rear bearing and we shouldn’t drive. Someone looking out for us I guess because desert wind storm and next day going over Carson Pass would not have been fun on the bikes! Hope your travels find you well!! Will check in on you site here from time to time to see how your travels progress. Will also try to send you some pics from our trip.

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