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Thunder Bay

Posted by on July 19, 2011

Meeting House


Some of the buildings in Fort William

Well, Nancy and I just finished visiting Fort William. It is an accurate recreation of the fort in 1815. All furs and trading by the Northwest Company went through here before going either to Montreal or the west. Most times there was at least 600 people in the fort and so was a very busy place. Even after the Hudson Bay and the North West Company joined, it remained a vital link to the economy of what was to become in less then 50 years, Canada.

Furs inside store

It was very well done with all people dressed and acting in character. It was very warm but there was a slight breeze so the temperature was quite easily handled. It also had a good gift shop and we bought a few things, but what I wanted most they did not have, a poster aerial shot of the fort, oh well I did get a real neat map drawn in 1812 showing the great expanse of land that the North West Company operated in.


Up until here we dry camped and parked the M/H where ever, mostly Wal-Marts. This site is quite nice nestled in amongst Birch trees, and the sites are very large with at least 25 feet between rigs.

Went for a ride yesterday evening to down town Thunder Bay and wasn’t overly impressed, I will ride this evening to Kakebeka Falls and hope to get a couple photos.

Tomorrow we will leave and head down toward Sudbury (Espinosa) where we will visit a couple that Nancy met in Afganistan, and from there down to Hamilton and my relatives

The M/H has performed flawlessly and except for one close call in Dryden (cause motor vehicle accident) we have not had to back up, as, with the Jeep on the back we can’t!

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